PPI and Plevin


PPI stands for Payment Protection Insurance.

It’s a product that was sold to many borrowers who did not need it, and often had no knowledge of it.

If you had a loan, credit card or mortgage before 2011 then there is a good chance you paid PPI.

Our loan auditing service checks if you are owed money by your lender for PPI, and if so, we’ll help you claim it back.

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Plevin is a secret commission applied to PPI policies. Plevin could have doubled the value of your PPI policy, or more. It was normally paid as a reward to the person who sold the policy to you. Even if you had use of the PPI policy, it was unfair that they added a secret commission.

If you previously made an unsuccessful PPI claim, you can now claim again for Plevin. Unlike PPI, Plevin claims can be made after the August 2019 deadline.

Our Service

We aim for our service to be as simple and straightforward as possible for our customers. All you have to do is provide some basic details about your account (your full name, the name of your lender, and a few other details), and provide your authority allowing us to request data from your lenders. We will then undertake all the work for you and let you know if we find a claim. Having consulted you, we will make the claim for you and help to retreive the money you are owed.

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