Packaged Bank Accounts

Packaged Bank Accounts

What Are They?

These aren’t just your everyday bank accounts. These accounts are packaged with all kinds of benefits, most of which are insurance products. They also come with a regular fee. If you were sold a Packaged Bank Account but your bank never checked to see if you were eligible, you could be owed the fees back.

Did I Have One?

If you are paying a monthly or yearly fee to your bank and/or have access to insurance products for free, then you probably have a packaged bank account. They are offered by many of the high street banks and sold to you on the basis that you can save money. However, many customers may not have needed or even been told about the benefits, meaning they cost more overall.

Where Can I Start?

We are currently creating a form that will allow you to sign up for our Packaged Bank Accounts service. Please wait while we finalise this form.

In the new form, you will be asked a series of quesitons about your bank account. We will review the information provided and find out if you could be owed. We will then invite you to begin your claim.

Our Service

We will conduct our investigation for free and let you know if there is the chance to claim the money back. We will also offer to conduct the claim on your behalf, which may be escalated to court proceedings.

Reclaim your Balance