As solicitors, we provide legal services to our clients only. However, we often work on large cases that can have a wider impact. Most recently, our work on mortgages has been met with enthusiasm. Reports alleging bad practice in the UK mortgage market have been appearing in the national news headlines over the last few years, increasing desire for mortgage review services among borrowers.

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The Interest-Only mortgage crisis

‘[R]oughly half’ of interest-only customers will struggle to repay the outstanding debt on their mortgage.

FT Adviser | Financial Reporter | Which? | BBC

“Lenders need to engage with vulnerable interest-only customers now.”

– 20 May 2019

Mortgage lenders failing to calculate arrears charges

The Telegraph | Moneywise| BBC CityAM | The Guardian 

Negative articles about mortgages and other personal financial products have been rife in the UK media since the Global Financial Crisis.

Thousands of Halifax mortgage customers owed compensation for paying too much interest.

The Mirror

22 October 2018

Anger as thousands unaware they face a ‘second mortgage’

The Guardian

5 February 2018

Over 83% of people have no idea about the ‘Plevin’ rule

9 May 2019

Third of borrowers unaware of interest rate

FT Advisor

15 October 2018

Many borrowers unaware of role of mortgage advisors

Mortgage Finance Gazette

03 June 2019

Royal Bank of Scotland bankers ‘joked about ruining the US housing market’

Sky News

16 August 2018


When, why and how to make a mortgage mis-sale claim?

(July 2019)

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