Breach of Contract

Customers trust their mortgage providers to get the maths right. However, the FCA estimates 750,000 mortgages have been incorrectly charged, resulting in many people being left out of pocket.

Lenders miscalculate interest charges for a variety of reasons, including using incorrect rates, compounding interest and applying hidden fees. In these cases, the lender has broken their contract with the client, but it is often difficult for the customer to spot the bank’s error.

Mortgage Mis-selling

Mortgages are big financial commitments. Banks and advisors have a duty of care to ensure your mortgage is right for you. If your mortgage was not suitable, you could be due compensation.

If you have struggled to repay your mortgage, it may be because you were sold the wrong mortgage type. With a few short questions, we can quickly determine whether your mortgage was mis-sold and help you get compensation. Many mortgage customers do not even realise they have been struggling unnecessarily

If you like, you can read our guide to mortgage mis-selling before you start.

Our Service

We undertake all the work required to uncover mortgage breach of contract or mis-sale. All you have to do is tell us where to start (your name, the name of your bank and some basic account details) and provide us with your authority to request information from your bank.

We want borrowers to be treated fairly by lenders, so we always operate on a no-win-no-fee basis. If we find you have been mis-sold or overcharged, we’ll help you reclaim your balance.

Our team are ready to answer your questions at any stage of the process, so why not start now…

Reclaim your Balance